Cool Crafts for Tweens: 150+ Tween Crafts for Middle School Kids


Cool Crafts for Tweens: 150+ Tween Crafts for Middle School Kids

Finding crafts for middle school kids and crafts for teenagers can be hard; that's why we rounded up this collection!


Cool Crafts for Tweens

Nothing screams preteen more than a personalized pair of sneakers. Make those and more with this creative list of crafts for tweens that even the pickiest middle school kid would label cool. The middle school years are an awkward era for absolutely every kid, whether you'll admit it or not. Help tweens express themselves with crafts for middle school kids that are fun, rewarding, and personal. While every other student in your class spends his afternoon playing mind-numbing video games, keep your child's mind sharp and their creativity alive with DIY crafts that demand an imagination. 

These fun crafts for tweens will switch up your child's day without breaking the bank. From quirky DIY jewelry to creative ways to decorate his or her room, this collection has anything and everything to keep your child entertained. The cognitive benefits of crafting are endless, and these tween craft ideas are the perfect way for tweens to decompress and let their creativity run wild.   

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Get started with this awesome video on how to make a Recycled Water Bottle Bracelet!

Other DIY Accessory Tween Craft Ideas

Freshen Up Nail File

Jewelry isn't the only way tweens like to accessorize! Make DIY hair accessories, DIY T-Shirts, and other fun wearable crafts to help them find their 'look.' And as the weather starts warming up, you'll find that these accessories make perfect summer crafts for tweens so they can show off their non-school fashion sense in the craftiest way possible!

Your tweens can even be stylish by making their own wallet or purse! There are just so many adorable DIY accessories to choose from that they won't know which one to do first. These fashionable tween craft ideas will help your kids express themselves without spending a lot of money!

Recycled Middle School Craft Projects

Better for the Earth Butterfly Craft

If tree hugging, community service, and saving are more your tween's speed, you'll love these recycled crafts for tweens. Use items that cost nothing and would otherwise end up in the garbage to make something amazing. You can even use these trash-to-treasure ideas as great summer camp middle school craft projects.

Your tweens can learn how to make recycled crafts with unique and fun materials by using these amazing recycled craft ideas. From recycled T-shirt crafts to recycled denim crafts and so much more, the thrifty craft ideas are endless! These summer crafts for tweens also ensure that those months out of school are filled with fun and creativity.

Edible Crafts for Tweens

How to Make Rock Candy at Home

Let's face it: at this age your tweens are angsty more than they are happy. Luckily, that can be fixed with a sweet remedy. Whip up any of these adorable and delicious edible crafts for tweens, and in an instant you'll find a smile on their faces. If they have friends coming over, serve them some of these fun crafts and watch their faces light up as well. Too hot to go outside? These edible treasures are great summer crafts for tweens as well. Of course, the best way of all to make these sweet treats is to make them together with your tween and spend some time in the kitchen as a team!

Arts and Crafts for Tweens

Fabric Covered Notebooks

Is art your tween's favorite class? If it is, you're in the right place: the list of tween crafts that are perfect for that guy whose jeans have splattered paint and that girl who never puts down her sketchbook. Your preteen's imagination is probably running wild, so channel that creativity and use art as a medium for expressing it. Crafts for middle school kids are much more than gluing two pieces of paper together because now your kids old enough to understand the true meaning of art.

Melted Crayon Art Ideas

Melted Heart Crayon Shavings Card

Your tweens are going to love all of these crafts for middle schoolers. If you have a collection of broken crayons that you don't use anymore, then you can turn them into art! Every middle school kid has an abundance of crayons around the house that they no longer use, so if you want to turn those memories of coloring into something special, show them these tutorials for making beautiful pieces of art. When school is out, you can keep your preteen busy this summer with any of these melted crayon art ideas. They're perfect for rainy days with no friends around!

What kind of crafts did you like to do as a preteen/teenager?

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These ideas are so cute and creative! I love that many of these projects do not require much money to make - and you can probably find what you need at home.

As a tween I made lots of friendship bracelets, godseyes, did finger knitting, and tye dye.

looks fu

Anything with yarn I loved it

Thanks for commenting, everyone! Our random winner is smithm31 0780966!

I've been crocheting since I was 5 and continue to this day, as a teenager I also really enjoyed dried flower wreath making.

I used to crochet and sew.

I always liked to hand sew and make friendship bracelets I also finger crocheted

I scrapbook and quilt. My daughter (a lefty to boot) has decided she wants to learn how to crochet. I have no idea where to begin. We have no family that does.

Hi there! Thanks for commenting. Our sister site AllFreeCrochet has a helpful article on learning how to crochet left handed: I hope this helps and that your daughter learns to crochet!

I loved general crafting, flower crafts, beading, and creating things like dream catchers,

I was more into reading as a child but I did love making the loom potholders, sewing and coloring.

They all look fun

I made woven potholders on the loom and plastic beaded dolls and jewelry.

What I read they is quite a number of projects that I am interested in for a work with Scouting and Guiding and teach Sunday School and work with Seniors for I know this site will be great and will be us a lot. Thank You

As a reformed camp kid, I remember my friends and I going through A LOT of yarn on field trips making cutesy little friendship bracelets for one another. It was so great. I still have a few of them, though I doubt I could recreate the magic.

As a teen of the 70s my friends I went mad on tye dying. Also had a fad on making beanbags. I had my denim one for years where my children even got to use it. Things last much better when it's a diy )

My friends and I used to bring whole kits of yarn to summer camp to make friendship bracelets. I also liked to scrapbook, especially to make homemade gifts for my parents. Pretty sure I still have the yarn kit and boxes of stickers and patterned paper stuffed in the back of my closet somewhere.

I liked to scrapbook when I was a tween. I made a page in my scrapbook for each of my pets, complete with excellent photos from my disposable camera.

Once I tried to knit a blanket. It took 2 years to finish and looked like a lumpy shawl when it was done.

Unfortunately, I was about as useless at crafting then as I am now. BUT I did really enjoy photography, and would make photo collages for friends birthdays.

I used to make jewelry for myself and friends/family, and I also liked to knit!

I really loved drawing when I was a tween. I suppose that isn't really a craft. . . . As far as crafts go . . . oh it is so hard to remember that far back.

I made sooo many friendship bracelets when I was a tween and I loved tie dye, too. I was also did a lot of "upcycling" of my old clothes!

Not quite when I was a preteen, but just before in about 4th or 5th grade I was super into those pony bead animal patterns. I tried to sell them to my dad's co-workers they were profoundly not into it. My craftmanship could have used some work. Thanks for the memories!

When I was a pre-teen, I loved to do latch hook crafts. Unfortunately, I was awful about finishing them.

I always enjoyed making tie dye shirts and friendship bracelets. Although this comment proves otherwise, I swear I wasn't a flower child...

These are super cute and make me wish I crafted more when I was a tween. I think the most I did was paint when I was a tween. I wanted to be Bob Ross real bad.

I definitely made a zillion of those friendship bracelets!

I loved beading when I was younger.

Same! What kind of beaded things did you make?

Mostly jewelry. Once I tried to bead a purse and it failed miserably.

That sounds like a ton of work. I mostly made jewelry and those beaded animals. I can't imagine having the patience as a preteen to make a whole purse. That's impressive.

I only got about half way through it...In today's age we would call this a Pinterest Fail.

Oh for sure! I don't think I could do a project like that today. I remember being so mad after a beaded bracelet fell apart and the beads were all over the floor in my room. I am pretty sure I shoved them under the bed so I wouldn't have to clean them up. LOL! True preteen.

I think we were living parallel lives LOL

Twins for sure!

Even though my teen years are far behind me, I crafted then more than I do now. I loved making jewelry (like safety pin bracelets), decorating my shoes, and recreating my favorite album covers with paper.

Wish I'd been this productive when I was a tween! Great ideas.

I love all of this DIY jewelry, especially the Funky DIY Gem Necklaces! They are so cute and so easy to make.

there nice but



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