How to Prepare Household Items for Crafting + 6 Recycling Projects for Kids


How to Prepare Household Items for Crafting + 6 Recycling Projects for Kids

Recycling ideas are great when your materials are safe and kid-friendly. These tips for recycled craft ideas will help you prepare any household item.

Here's the deal: You love using household items in recycling ideas with the kids. It's a great way to use up those old tin cans, T-shirts, and CDs without costing a dime. But there's a catch. Tin cans often have jagged edges, and CDs have that pesky layer of shiny silver that's impossible to paint on. This article, How to Prepare Household Items for Crafting + 6 Recycling Projects for Kids, will give you all the tips to make those disposable objects safe and ready for your recycled craft ideas.

Why does this matter? When recycling ideas call for items with sharp edges, a simple craft can turn into a safety hazard for kids. By making sure that every crafting material is kid-proof and sanitized, you'll be able to let your kids get crafty with recycling projects all they want. The best part? Recycled craft ideas are more likely to turn out if the materials used are properly prepared. By removing labels, your project will have a neater, more finished look, and by modifying the surfaces, paint will adhere more easily. Before you embark on an adventure of recycling ideas, take some time to make sure your household items are good to go.

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Repurposing Tin Cans

  1. Remove sharp edges on tin cans with 220-grit sandpaper. Smooth the edges using light strokes and switch for a finer-grit sandpaper after the edges seem duller. A polishing pad can remove any metal dust left behind once the metal is smooth.

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  2. Removing labels from tin cans (and glass surfaces like wine and beer bottles) can be done by filling a sink or container with warm-to-hot water. Place the item in to soak and mix in half of a scoop of dish detergent. As some label glues are stronger than others, check the item periodically for signs that it is ready to be peeled. Some items may need to soak overnight. Once it is ready, peel the corner of the label and pull it completely off. Use a wet sponge to scrub any residue from the surface and dry.

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  3. Tin cans should be washed in hot, soapy water to free the can of food residue and oils.

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Recycling T-Shirts

  1. The best way to wash T-shirts for crafting is to use detergent only. Fabric softener will lessen the adhesive qualities of other craft supplies.

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Recycle Old CDs

  1. Learning how to remove the silver from a CD is surprisingly much easier than you would expect. First, make a tiny scratch on the CD and then cover the whole thing with tape. Once your CD is covered, peel off the tape, and the silver will come right off with it. If little pieces of silver are still left over, just cover them with tape and pull them off.

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  2. When learning how to paint CDs and DVDs, you may be wondering how to get the paint to stick on such a smooth surface. First, clean the surface of the CD with denatured alcohol. Dampen a cotton swab with alcohol and swab the surface until all dirt and dust is removed. Allow the CD to dry for about fifteen minutes and then scratch the surface of the CD using a fine grit sandpaper until it is textured and any print already present is removed. This will ensure that the paint adheres to the CD. Next, wipe it clear of any sanding residue with a clean cloth. Coat the CD with multiple layers of plastic primer, waiting fifteen minutes between layers. Once two hours have passed and the final coat of primer is dry, sand the surface one last time with the fine grit sandpaper to level coating and remove irregularities.

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6 Recycling Projects for Kids

  1. Wacky Recycled CD Lion Craft - Recycling projects are great because you and the kids can be so creative and the results are always unique.

  2. Dazzling CD Homemade Christmas Ornaments - Decorating DIY Christmas ornaments with the kids is a memory that you will treasure for years to come.

  3. Recycled Clothing DIY Bracelet - If your girls are looking for the next big fashion trend, then they'll love this Recycled Clothing DIY Bracelet craft.

  4. Recycled Robot Kids Craft - If your kids loved Big Hero 6, they'll love creating their own robots with this Recycled Robot Kids' Craft.

  5. Recycled T-Shirt DIY Keychain - Recycle your kids' old t-shirts into cool art with this Recycled T-Shirt DIY Keychain.

  6. Recycled Minecraft Creeper Fan Pencil Cup - This is the pen cup that your favorite Minecraft fan has been missing on their desk.

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What is your favorite recycled material to craft with?

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