Easy Breezy Kids' Summer Crafts: 36 Beach Crafts for Kids


Easy Breezy Kids' Summer Crafts: 36 Beach Crafts for Kids

Easy Breezy Beach Crafts for Kids

Nothing screams summer more loudly than a day at the beach: the warm sand between your toes, the sun beating down, and the breeze keeping everything comfortably perfect. Get that sensation year round with this collection of beach crafts for kids that will make your summer days better and your winter days warm. The fun part about this list of crafts is that you can take them to the ocean or you can use them to bring the ocean to you. Either way, you're sure to be fascinated by a "whole new world" when you explore these beach crafts for kids.

While a trip to the beach may result in washed-away sandcastles, frigidly cold water, and salty eyes, a summer day with beach crafts for kids is never disappointing. Take these breezy crafts outdoors and pretend you're at a paradise beach when you're really right in your backyard. Swim with the fishies, dance with sharks, and build a sandcastle that can never be destroyed with this fantastic list of kids' summer crafts. Don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen for your day at the beach!

Put on your snorkel and googles because you're going to get up close and personal with Nemo and his friends. Fish crafts for kids are an adorable way to learn about those mesmerizing creatures that can breathe under water. Their beautiful colors and unique shapes make them a blast to craft, which is why we've gathered some of our favorite fish crafts for kids to share with you. When you actually make it to the beach, you'll know so much more about the silly, swimming guys that you won't be afraid when they zip past you. Fish aren't alone in the deep blue sea, though, so you've got to make sure all of their buddies are included in your beach day. With the help of Easy Breezy Kids' Summer Crafts: 36 Beach Crafts for Kids you can rest assured that all of your beach creatures will be covered.

Fish Crafts for Kids

Bottle Cap Fishies

Just keep swimming until you find the perfect beach crafts for you! Perhaps the fish crafts for kids will pique your interest. They're absolutely adorable, really easy to make, and they'll make you feel like you're under water. The best thing about fish crafts for kids is that they practically beg you to use creativity. Fish come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, which means that the opportunities for decorating are endless.

Ocean Crafts for Kids

Summer Starfish Cookies

If you were to put on your scuba gear and go for a deep, deep dive, which creatures would you run into? You could be face to face with a starfish or a shark when you jump in with ocean crafts for kids. These cute crafts will be anything but salty. Whether you're munching on a delicious summery cookie or popping bubbles, these ocean crafts for kids are sure to thrill you.

Jellyfish Crafts for Kids

Jellyfish Light Ocean Crafts

Jellyfish are such funny creatures, which is why jellyfish crafts for kids are so much fun to make. If you love these silly sea creatures, you have lots of opportunities to craft them. Let them light up your night and chase away the monsters or hang them around the house as a reminder of the joy that summer brings.

Easy Crafts for Kids

Pretty Painted Seashells

Even the littlest crafters can join in on crafty beach day. While all of these beach crafts for kids are easy breezy, the easy crafts for kids listed below are extra simple for the young beach goers. The next time you go to the beach, find your favorite seashells and then craft them into funny little sea creatures. Easy crafts for kids are perfect boredom busters when Mom can't help you out.

More Beach Crafts for Kids

Sand Castle Craft

The beach isn't done with you yet! There are even more adorable beach crafts for kids to be made. Build a sandcastle that won't be washed away by the tide or take a bite of the cutest cupcakes you will ever see. No matter which beach crafts for kids you choose to make, your day at the beach is sure to perfect.

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