85 Edible Crafts for Kids: Homemade Candy, Homemade Desserts, and other Edible Craft Ideas


85 Edible Crafts for Kids: Homemade Candy, Homemade Desserts, and other Edible Craft Ideas


Edible Crafts for Kids

One great way for your kids to have some fun in the kitchen is to turn everyday recipes into fun food crafts for kids. 85 Edible Crafts for Kids: Homemade Candy, Homemade Desserts, and other Edible Craft Ideas is full of amazing edible crafts that your kids will go crazy over.

This collection of edible crafts for kids has tons of candy recipes, homemade cookie recipes, chocolate dessert recipes, and anything else that is super sweet and delicious that your kids might be craving. There are holiday dessert recipes, spring dessert recipes, and tons of other themed recipes. Some of these edible crafts are even based off of popular kids' shows.

All kids have a sweet tooth, so why not let them satisfy their want for treats and creative crafts with these wonderful recipes? They will have a blast being able to make something delicious for themselves that they can then share with everyone else.

Edible Crafts for Kids

Poppin' Balloon Snacks

Edible crafts for kids are a good way to get your little ones interested in cooking. They'll love all of these food crafts for kids because this is a chance for them to express their creativity by making something yummy that they'll be able to eat later. Who doesn't like to make something fun and then eat it?

Delicious Homemade Candy

Superhero Peep Pops

Candy is the most sought-after treat by kids. They can never get enough of the sugary, sweet, and chocolate-y flavors, so surprise your kids with these wonderful candy recipes. It'll be hard to decide what their favorite candy is after trying these deliciously simple dessert recipes.

Homemade Cookies

Summertime Sunshine Flip Flop Cookies

Every kid loves to make homemade cookies, especially when they get to be creative and make their cookies look like their favorite TV show character or superhero. They will enjoy all of these neat ideas on how to make unique and fun cookies, especially when they get to share them with everyone.

Edible Crafts for the Holidays

Pretzel Christmas Trees

Your kids can kick off the holidays with some fun food crafts that embody the holiday spirit! They can have a blast making delicious homemade holiday desserts to share with everyone. There are cute Halloween food craft ideas that will make their October holiday even more “spooktacular,” and there are Christmas dessert recipes that will get them excited about Santa and all things red and green. Once their friends and family try these fun holiday desserts, they'll be hooked.

What was your favorite childhood snack? Let us know below in the comments!

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any kind of chocolate bar

homemade c ookies from my mom and also hot cocoa

I love this page.. Awesome

Potato chips and 7-up!

My favorite snack when I was young was a tall glass of ice cold chocolate milk.

I loved watermelon in the kitchen when i was a kid

Home made chocolate and peanut butter fudge my mom made.

My favorite childhood snack was mandarin oranges. Thank you for offering this nice giveaway!

Graham crackers with warm milk.

Anything for the kids I don't have kids but on every holiday or on their birthday I make sure my niece and nephews we have so much fun.

It is very Italian! Take toast, spread olive oil, garlic and seas salt. So good!

One favorite snack of my childhood was graham crackers. And if we were lucky, there might be a smear of left-over frosting spread between them. Makes my mouth water thinking of it. Now I can't eat them.

My favorite snack was a bowl of ice cream.

Favorite childhood snack was a raw potato, raw kohl rabi, or a dill pickle. No typical snacks were ever available.

My was the sugar cookies my wonderful Mother made they weren't too sweet but oh so fantastic to eat. God bless you. thank you for this giveaway.Happy Mother's day Mom


My favorite snack as a kid was cookies ice cream, any cookie! In the 60's we didn't get many sweets and when we did it was cookies and ice cream at my Grandfathers. We would get a big bowl of ice cream and 2 cookies, normally peanut butter cookies. I still love this today..

My favorite snacks were Ants On A Log, Cracker Jack, and Ice Cream )

Cracker Jacks were my favorite snack.

We made a coffee jelly, including sushi banana and mango. We used bread instead rice for the outer layers, then we roll it and the filling inside is mango and banana. Japanese creation for kids workshop.

This are all made of craftsy and can be fun...........

I always loved when my mum would take vanilla ice cream, thaw it slightly and swirl peanut butter and honey through it and then refreeze it! Just thinking about it takes me back to my childhood!

I liked a bowl of vanilla ice cream with some nestle quik chocolate powder sprinkled on top and a half banana sliced on top

My favorite snack was those mini Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches! I also used to eat an apple almost everyday (and it really did keep the doctor away).

Homemade chocolate fudge.

Mom's homemade cinnamon rolls- YUM!

I used to love Mars Bars. I remember when they cost a quarter. I also loved having jello for dessert.

What wasn't my favorite snack! I had a horrible sugar addiction...got me into trouble at the penny candy store many times!

I had a sweet tooth, and still do, ICE CREAM was a special snack


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