Green Crafts: 60+ Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids


Green Crafts: 60+ Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Creative and budget-friendly, these toilet paper roll crafts will be so much fun to make!


Green Crafts 60 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Green crafting is all the rage these days, and for a good reason. By using recycled materials, green crafting is a creative and environmentally-friendly way to create new toys, decorations, and other fun items. In this collection of Green Crafts: 60+ Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids, children can hiss, hoot, purr, and bark, celebrate the holidays, summon the rain, play a few indoor games, and fly through Gotham all in a matter of minutes with toilet paper roll crafts that are anything but dull. With these project ideas, you and your child can stretch your imaginations without breaking the family budget. You'll be amazed by what you can create.

These environmentally-friendly crafts and art projects for kids are quick to make and are a blast to play with. There are so many great organizational crafts that they can make, too. These toilet paper roll crafts can be made at home or even in the classroom for a fun project idea. Your little crafters can put on their cape, grab their toilet tubes, and save the world with unique and awesome art!

Bonus: Transform those disused toilet paper rolls into jaw-dropping home decor with our project for the Toilet Paper Roll DIY Canvas Art! Everyone will be surprised to learn this is made with toilet paper rolls.

Animal Craft Ideas from Toilet Paper Rolls

Your kids will have a roaring good time with green animal crafts. They're not green animals, silly. They're just animals who care about recycling! Create an entire farm with these awesome, easy and fun projects from toilet paper rolls. These ideas for DIY toys are just as much fun as those you can purchase in a store, too. Everyone will be amazed when your little ones tell them that your darling chicks are made from used cardboard tubes!

Toilet Tube Hooty Owls

Whooo is ready for a fun and creative craft idea? This project will put a smile on anyone's face and is perfect to make in the classroom!

Curly Coiled Snakes

These bright and colorful snakes are anything but slithery! If you're looking for a creative craft idea, then keep this one in mind.

Egyptian Cat Mummies

If your child is into the history of ancient Egypt, then this craft needs to be on your radar. 

Marionette Puppy Puppet

Cute as can be, this adorable dachshund puppy is a fun way to ordinary cardboard into a puppet.

Darling Cheap Chicks

Brighten your child's Easter basket or celebrate the start of spring when you make this craft. You'll be glad you did!

Colorful Fish Paper Craft

Youth group leaders will want to keep this craft in mind for a project to make with your organization, as it won't take long to make and uses thrifty supplies.

Toilet Tube Squid

This craft is more than just a fun idea to try. It can also be used as a puppet when reading books about the ocean. Keep this project in mind the next time you visit the aquarium.

Jungle Book Paper Tube Craft

When it comes to making paper animals, there is no holding back with this project! You can make an entire project with this craft.

Honeycomb Paper Tube Craft

This project is simply buzzworthy. Just take a look and you'll see why! Preschoolers will have so much fun making this project.

Toilet Tube Angry Birds

Your favorite birds from the popular game are transformed into 3D toys with this easy project that you will want to try.

Billy the Goat

Are you planning to read the popular tale Three Billy Goats Gruff? Then this project is perfect for your classroom!

Toilet Paper Tube Butterflies

Mark the start of spring in a colorful way with these paper butterflies. This project is great for Easter, too.

Super Cute Toilet Paper Roll Animals

Don't just make one animal from paper. Create an entire zoo with this project! You will be glad you did.

Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Decorate for the most fun times of the year without spending lots of money. You will love that, and so will your wallet! Your little ones can celebrate the start of spring, show how thankful they are, deck the halls, and spread the love with amazing toilet paper roll crafts for the holidays. After the holidays are over, you can store the crafts in airtight containers so that they are ready for display next year.

Requited Recycled Roll Heart Necklaces

Cute and charming as can be, this upcycled craft will be perfect for Valentine's Day.

Paper Roll Love Bugs

Aren't these love bugs just adorable? This craft is perfect for use in a classroom.

Toilet Tube Shamrock Pal

When March 17 rolls around, you'll want to have the supplies for this craft on hand. It's perfect for young children to make.

Rainbow Four-Leaf Clover Art

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a bright and colorful way when you make this decoration. You'll want to display this artwork in a prominent spot!

Leprechaun Binoculars

Children can look for leprechauns with these magical binoculars. Cute and budget-friendly, this craft is one that will be fun to make.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

Ready to celebrate the start of spring? Then you'll want to hop to it when you see this decoration that is perfect for Easter.

Easter Bunny Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This craft is the perfect activity for keeping the kids entertained while you prepare Easter brunch. The cute bunnies can double as table decor.

Baby Bunny Candy Holders

Store candy, bubbles, and small trinkets inside each candy holder for Easter. What a cute idea for turning toilet paper rolls into a unique project!

Fingerprint Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

This kid-friendly project is a quick and easy craft that is great for spring. It's also a fun way to use paint.

Easter Bunny DIY Candy Holder

Is the Easter meal at your home this year? Then this candy holder can be part of your table settings for brunch.

Playful Itsy Bitsy Spider Set

There's no need to scream when you see these spiders! This toddler-approved craft will be fun for the entire family.

Costless Mummy Candy Canister

This budget-friendly craft is about as inexpensive as they come! Share candy and trinkets with this spooky canister. 

Trick-or-Treat Party Poppers

Make your Halloween celebration even more exciting when you add these homemade party poppers to the mix. Everyone will want to try these!

Toilet Roll Turkey

What's a Thanksgiving celebration without a turkey? This craft will keep everyone occupied before you start the meal. 

Burlap Toilet Roll Turkey

You and your child can create this delightful craft just by using materials you already have on hand at home in your craft supply bin. 

Tubular Jingle Bells

Your child will enjoy creating delightful music with this thrifty project. It will be great to use in a holiday concert, too. 

Converted Cardboard Christmas Village

Decorate your coffee table in a creative way when you make this Christmas village. It's easy on the budget, too. 

Toilet Roll Snowman

Isn't this snowman just adorable? Children of all ages will want to make this craft!

Cardboard Tube Menorah

With this project, children will be proud to create their own decorations for Hanukkah.

Midnight Madness DIY Noise Makers

These delightful noise makers will help you ring in the new year! 

Play and Learn with Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Animals and holiday crafts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to toilet paper roll crafts! In this section, you'll discover ways to turn those cardboard rolls into creative and unique toys, games, and dolls. Your kids will do a double take while they're having a blast with those silly rolls searching for little birdies, tossing rings to win, and learning about the human body. They'll never look at toilet paper rolls the same way again when you all make these crafts. 

Batman and Robin Tube Toys

Holy toilet paper, Batman! If you're a fan of the beloved superhero, then get to the Batcave and start making this project.

Handmade Ring Toss Game

A ring toss game doesn't have to cost any money at all. With a little bit of creativity, you can make your own game with this craft.

All the King's Men

Can you believe this is made with toilet paper rolls?! This incredible craft is a great way to spend countless hours with your family.

Interactive Model Arms

Teach your children how legs and arms move when you make this creative craft. This project is ideal for older children and teens to try.

Native American Rain Makers

Get your favorite markers and paints. It's time to decorate these amazing rain makers!

Totally Trending Duct Tape Bracelets

Your child will enjoy expressing his or her creativity in a new way with these trendy and stylish bracelets. 

Pop Out Flower Crafts

Cute and colorful, these paper flowers can be used to adorn larger decorations for spring.

Toilet Tube Minion Mates

Are you a fan of Minions? If you can't get enough of those adorable characters, then this craft is one to make.

Toilet Paper Roll Mermaid

With this craft, you and your child can make a whimsical toy that will be treasured for years to come. Consider making mermaids for everyone in your family!

Free Fall Friends

Many of the materials you can use for this project can be found right outside your front door. How is that for a budget-friendly craft?

Duck Tape Bowling Game

Kids of all ages will enjoy playing a quick bowling game in their own hallway with this fun craft. It's great for rainy days.

The Cutest Toilet Paper Roll Helicopter

Isn't this helicopter just adorable? Your child is sure to enjoy playing for hours with this homemade toy.

Shark DIY Binoculars

Live every week like it's shark week with these DIY binoculars. Adults will want to make this craft, too!

Cardboard Tube Minion Crafts

Can you truly ever have too many Minion crafts? No way! This project is definitely one to make.

Toilet Paper Roll Tea Cups

Your child will enjoy planning a tea party for stuffed animals with these cute homemade tea cups.

Queen Elsa Paper Tube Doll

You don't need to travel to Arendelle to find the best craft inspired by the movie Frozen. It's right here!

Toilet Paper Roll Hula Girl and Mermaid

You and your child are sure to have hours of fun together when you make this project.

Pirate Paper Roll Craft

This adorable project is just too cute! If your child is fascinated with pirates, then this project is one to try.

Superhero Paper Tube Doll

If you're looking for a unique take on the traditional superhero craft, then you'll want to give this project a look. 

Cardboard Tube Wonder Woman DIY Superhero

Your child's creativity will soar to new heights when you make this delightful toy inspired by Wonder Woman!!

Super Cute Cardboard Tube Ewoks

You'll want to make the cutest inhabitants of Endor when you see this adorable craft!

Fun Kaleidoscope Making for Kids

This DIY kaleidoscope is perfect for making on a rainy afternoon. 

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Organization

Kids can hide their treasures from the pirates, color-code their pencils to make homework time a bit easier, and crown themselves king or queen of organization for an uncluttered craft space. These budget-friendly organization ideas are creative ways to turn toilet paper rolls into new and useful desktop accessories. Many of these organizers could even be given as presents for Mother's Day and Father's Day, too. It won't take long to create these crafts!

Paper Roll Pencil Organizers

Chic and stylish, these organizers will look amazing on any desk! Keep this project in mind for birthday gift ideas.

Tidy Up Treasure Box

Stash some of your child's favorite craft supplies in easy reach with this organizer. It's the perfect size for storing small trinkets, too.

King of Organization Castle

It's a castle, it's a toy, it's an organizer! This all-in-one hybrid organizer is one creative idea you and your child won't want to miss.

Frugal and Fancy Fabric Storage Solutions

Use leftover fabric scraps to make this new and stylish organizer. It's perfect for use on a teen's desk.

DIY Pencil Organizer with Recycled Paper Tubes

This organizer is almost too pretty to use. Cleanup will be a breeze with this project.

What are your favorite toilet paper roll craft?
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The Batman one is so cute! It is so clever how they did his ears.

It is really neat. I learned of something else that can be made with toilet tissue rolls. put peanut butter on the roll and roll it into bird seed to feed the birds. Put a string on it to hang it from a tree or just put it over the branch. The birds will love it.


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