What to Make with Duct Tape: 90 Easy Duct Tape Crafts for Kids


What to Make with Duct Tape: 90 Easy Duct Tape Crafts for Kids

With so many easy duct tape crafts for you to choose from, there's no doubt that we have a duct tape craft for every skill level.


Easy Duct Tape Crafts for Kids

For some reason or another, duct tape crafts have taken the world by storm. I attribute it to the awesome patterns and colors that are being produced, but also to the unpredictability of the material. Not that you can't predict how it will act, but that you can't predict how many amazing kids' crafts can be created from the fancy stuff.

You might assume duct tape can't be used to make a dress, and then some crafty genius releases pictures of a frock made entirely from duct tape. The list of previously thought impossible duct tape projects that have been accomplished goes on for pages. Make a DIY bracelet, arrange a bouquet, support your watch face, or construct a drum all using the same magic material.

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Get started with this awesome video on how to make a DIY Emoji Duct Tape Pouch from our friends at FaveCrafts!

How to Remove Duct Tape Residue

How to Remove Duct Tape Residue

Making duct tape crafts with the kids is a very popular and enjoyable activity, but what happens when the tape gets stuck to something it shouldn't? Learning how to remove duct tape residue with our handy infographic will save you time and money so you don't have to scour the internet and try a variety of expensive solutions that just don't work.

Many of these methods also work when removing sticky labels, so this is one infographic you'll want to have around!

Click here to download our free infographic, and you'll be able to remove tape residue in no time.

Cool Duct Tape Craft Ideas

I am constantly amazed at the creative duct tape projects that are made. I scoured the Internet to find the coolest of the cool duct tape craft ideas, and I did not come up short. Who knew that you could make shoes, computers, animal crafts, flowers, coasters, and duct tape bookmarks all with the same central material? I'm beginning to get the idea that anything can be made out of duct tape. The best thing about these eye-popping duct tape projects is that they're easy to make; who would've guessed?

Duct Tape Crafts for Boys

Let's hear it for the boys! These duct tape crafts for boys will make anyone exclaim, "I can't believe it's duct tape!" Bathtime boats, rockets, clipboards, you name it - the possibilities for duct tape projects for boys are endless. Of course, there's no need for just boys to enjoy these budget-friendly crafts. Your daughters are sure to love them, too!

Duct Tape Animals

I spy with my little eye some adorable duct tape animals you NEED to try! If there's any fool-proof kids craft, DIY animal projects are the way to go. Get ready for some bright critter purses, fox backpacks, and more with these fantastic duct tape ideas. As a bonus, most of them double as quirky DIY organizers, too!

More Awesome Duct Tape Craft Ideas

Can't get enough duct tape projects? Neither can we, which is why we have this amazing list of duct tape crafts! Duct tape is such a versatile craft material that you can make anything out of it. You can even turn duct tape bows into a decorative garland. Once you start crafting with duct tape, you will find that you have had two lives: a life pre-duct tape and a life after you discovered duct tape's wonders.

Jewelry Duct Tape Projects

You're never fully dressed without accessories, but the little accents can get expensive. Not so with jewelry made from duct tape. Jewelry duct tape projects are an inexpensive way to ensure that each outfit is complete down to the adorable ring and the must-have duct tape bracelet. Make something fresh or upgrade something old; no matter what you and your little ones choose to do, you'll be amazed to discover that easy duct tape crafts can be made into a brag-worthy accessory.

Duct Tape Wallet and Duct Tape Purse

Keep your child's allowance safe with a funky duct tape wallet or duct tape purse. Choose the perfect pattern and begin constructing a mobile piggy bank. These easy duct tape projects for kids not only help store your moolah, but they also save you cash. Duct tape projects are inexpensive in all the right ways, but they're rich with fun! Making duct tape wallets is practically a right of passage for teen and tween crafters, so don't skip these awesome duct tape ideas!

Duct Tape Flowers

Adding duct tape flowers to your list of crafts to make with kids is a fabulous idea because children have a blast learning how to make them! With the help of these duct tape crafts instructions, your kids will learn how to make beautiful and unique flowers. To create the most gorgeous duct tape flowers that will leave everyone in awe, you'll definitely want to consult these helpful instructions. When you make your own flowers, you'll be adding a splash of color and fun to any room in the house, and all you need is a roll of duct tape to make it possible.

What kind of duct tape projects would you like to see more of on the site?

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Wow! 66 projects, really? How wonderful is that? I personally love to use duct tape and I am a big kid. I love looking through these kids crafts, not only do I find them fun and easy for making with the children, but I also get so much inspiration for my own "adult" projects. I agree with you on the fact that there so many beautiful patterns and designs of duct tape now. Don't you wish they had those round when we were kids? All I remember was the plain silver, and black.

Duct tape ideas are so much fun, but not great for really little ones. So sticky!

Thanks for commenting, everyone! Our winner is shelleycollison 58 62955 who said "I would like to see something new, completely different from anything posted before. Possibly duct tape furniture. I don't know if that has been done before. Thank-you!"

I would like card ideas.

I think it would be great to see more projects about making large storage boxes.

More kids crafts would be great

I like to see custom bags and storage containers with custom duct tapes. They can be downright beautiful.

More jewelry projects

I would love to see items for babies.! Especially clothed or practical items like bottles and of course toys!

More accessories.

I would like to see more sugar skull and day of the dead duct tape projects

I have never made a craft out of duct tape. I did buy decorative tape to cover up tears in a vinyl boot I have to wear in the shower though! I have a wound on my foot that must be kept dry. That boot is awesome but it started leaking. It has duct tape with owls on it now! So cute!

MY DAUGHTER made a picture of the star gate with colored duct tape once .... I think all the stuff in neat you can do with it

More Jewelry my younger daughter loves them

I would like to see fun and interesting ways to upcycle shoes

Projects for organizing craft supplies, kitchen accessories and office supplies.

how about a skirt, pants, etc .....

desk accessories, please

I want to make something big. A dress, a jacket...some clothing item.

I would like to see how to make a duct tape dress.

I have never made any duct tape crafts so I'm not sure. I know my daughter would love making stuff with duct tape!

practical, useful stuff. Anything that isn't just a waste of expensive tape. maybe more jewelry. Cute projects in the book.

more items for younger kids

I would like to see more storage ideas using duct tape.

I would love to see sneakers.

I would like to see something new, completely different from anything posted before. Possibly duct tape furniture. I don't know if that has been done before. Thank-you!

nature crafts

Purses. Can never have too many purses.

So many great projects already! I guess more storage items, desk accessories, perhaps.

I never even thought of using duct tape to make things, but nw I'd like to see storage boxes of all shapes and kinds as well as magazine racks and letter holders made from duct tape.

I'd like to see more accessories.

One of my customers always buys out all the duct tape in my store for her daughter who makes the most beautiful dresses with it. I would love to see some dress or other clothing patterns.

that is soooooo cute and awesome I LOVE IT

I've always loved duct tape jewelry. The necklaces are so pretty you can't even tell they are made from duct tape!

OMG. This is the best thing I've ever come across. I've always wanted to make something out of duct tape, but I never knew how. I'd definitely love to see more wallets and flowers.

Wallets! Those were so popular when I was in middle school; it would be cool to see what kinds of patterns and crafting methods people have nowadays.

I like duct tape projects where you make something useful like a clutch or jewelry.

I really like the wreath/organizer project, and would love to see more fun, utilitarian stuff like that.

It's amazing how many designs and patterns there are for duct tape these days. Don't even get me started about all the awesome projects I've seen made with them.

I've always been fascinated by duct tape bags and wallets! Those necklaces and jewelry pieces are stunning though too!

More duct tape animals/critters, please! I think that kids would love making little toy animals out of duct tape as a craft.

I would love to see cool desk accessories for the office like pencil holders and containers for paper clips. I think it would add fun spirit to the desk!

I used to have a duct tape wallet in junior high. I'd never use one again, but I do really like the duct tape beads. What a clever idea!

More duct tape wallets! They're so cool and last a long time.

Jewelry! I once made a duct tape bracelet, and it was surprisingly simple. And cute, too!

I'd love more home decor that I can make from duct tape. It's so easy!

I'd love to see more duct tape clothes. I wouldn't make them myself, but it's fun to see what other people can do!

I love functional duct tape projects, especially beautiful jewelry pieces I can make, wear, and give as gifts.

Who knew duct tape could be so versatile? I LOVE those duct tape flowers!

I think duct tape bags and purses are super cute, so I would love to see more of those on the site.

I'd love to see more ways to use duct tape to make or customize kids' school supplies! It's so much cheaper to get the kids involved in decorating school supplies than to pay extra for "fancier" ones at the store.

My friend made me a duct tape rose and I still have it today. I also love those duct tape bags and bowls.

I love round ups and my son loves to use tape, but must admit when it is just a list with no pictures I don't have time to click on them all to see what they are. I love pictures.

yr creations r to cool



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